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Top 10 Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Tea

olive leaf teaByproducts of the olive tree have been celebrated for their culinary and medicinal uses for centuries and are even referenced in the bible with a passage regarding the use of olives for food and the leaves for medicine.

Top 10 Olive Leaf Extract Benefits

Olive Leaf Extract Benefits1. Immunity Boost- One of the top olive leaf extract benefits is the immune boost that this substance can provide. This allows the body to fight off invaders more effectively, so that better health is achieved.

2. Better Circulation-

Olive Leaf Extract Side Effects

Olive Leaf Extract Side EffectsThere are some possible olive leaf extract side effects that may be experienced with this herbal remedy, but almost all of these are mild and are not serious enough to seek medical help. For many people the side effects experienced are not even severe enough to stop using this substance. In most cases the olive leaf extract