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Birth Control Acne Remedies: Myths and Facts

birth control acneSince it’s not uncommon for pregnancy and acne to go hand in hand, it’s also likely no surprise to many that oral contraceptives can be useful in combating facial acne as well. Birth control is useful as a tool to treat acne when the root cause is sebum, and is most often employed alongside other topical products designed to treat acne externally.

Top 10 Oral Contraceptives

Oral ContraceptivesWhile birth control pills thought mostly for their use in pregnancy prevention and answering the question of how not to get pregnant, they can not only prevent pregnancy, they can also help manage menstrual problems that can sometimes be debilitating or even mimic abortion side effects.

Yasmin Side Effects – Dangerous or Not?

Yasmin Side EffectsIf you have watched television past eleven at night, you may have stumbled across a commercial or two featuring an attorney, or someone pretending to be one, that spends 20-30 seconds scaring the bejesus out of every woman who has ever taken birth control. One of the more popular targets of these purportedly helpful resource ads is Yasmin,