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HCG Diet Plan Controversy – Can You Survive on 500 Calories A Day?

HCG DietHCG diet is one of the most controversial diet plans, designed by Dr. Simeons as a solution for obesity. HCG diet makes use of a calorie restrictive diet plan and hcg diet injections for appetite suppression and mood regulation.

With this diet you don’t have to calculate how many calories to lose weight as plan requires you to consume 500 calories per day.

Lipotropic B12 Injections Review

Lipotropic B12Lipotropic B 12 is one of a number of treatments that promise fast and easy weight loss. If you have ever struggled do lose weight, and most of us have, you know just how hard it can be. In a society where we are used to nearly instant gratification, it is hard to work for months or even years to get those extra pounds off. Lipotropic B 12 injections and HCG diet injections (human chorionic gonadotrophin) promise easy and rapid weight loss.

Oral hCG for Obesity Treatment Pros and Cons

Oral hCG for Obesity TreatmentOral hCG for obesity treatment has both pros and cons, and you should understand both sides of this treatment before you start using it for your obesity management. HCG shots for weight loss side effects have been used for many years to fight weight gain and obesity, but these shots have many downsides. The oral form of the drug was created to be used by placing under your tongue where the substance dissolves and is absorbed. The link between fast food and obesity in America has made this treatment even more popular, as more people struggle to lose weight and avoid obesity.

HCG Shots for Weight Loss Side Effects

HCG Shots for Weight LossWhen you stopped fighting weight gain on your own and consider HCG therapy you may be wondering if there are any HCG shots for weight loss side effects. HCG is a hormone called human chorionic gandotrophin, and it is only found in the urine of women who are pregnant. The debate concerning this treatment is still going on, with some doctors behind it and some against it. Oral HCG for obesity treatment has been popular for decades, and this supplement has become available in injection form as well.