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Top 10 Horse Chestnut Benefits

Horse Chestnut Benefits1. Improve Vein Health and Flexibility- One of the top horse chestnut benefits concerns vein health and flexibility. This herbal remedy is often used for chronic venous insufficiency and other conditions caused by poor vein health and flexibility.

2. Treat Varicose Veins- This herb is commonly used to treat painful varicose veins in the legs,

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Review

Horse Chestnut Seed ExtractHorse chestnut seed extract is derived from horse chestnut, or aesculus hippocastanum, which is a kind of tree originating in the northern hemisphere. Since way back when, all parts of this type of tree have been medicinally used including the flowers of the tree, the leaves and bark, and the horse chestnut seeds as well. Aescin is a compound from the horse chestnut which is said to provide the effects of an anti inflammatory. This would include inflammation as well as swelling of the blood vessels. In fact, horse chestnut seed extract is known to also strengthen blood vessel which makes this extract a positive varicose vein treatment.

Painful Varicose Veins – What to Do?

Painful Varicose VeinsNot only are varicose veins unattractive, these bulging veins are also painful at times. This is most often true when standing for hours or continuously walking. Although bulging leg veins are the varicose veins usually noted, varicose veins can be found on other parts of the body, as well. As these veins grow, so does the pain. Painful varicose veins occur when blood is continually pooled to one area as the blood is forced to flow backwards and veins enlarge. When circulation is compromised like this, leg and foot swelling will begin as well as discomfort. Bulging veins in hands is also possible, although this condition is most common in the lower extremities.