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Peppermint Oil Side Effects – When Not To Use It?

Peppermint Oil Side EffectsPeppermint is normally thought of as a breath freshener or as an additive in food; however peppermint oil uses go far beyond culinary purposes. In fact, peppermint oil capsules are used in everything from digestive ails as in peppermint oil for IBS treatments

Top 5 Peppermint Oil Uses

Peppermint Oil Uses1. One of the most popular peppermint oil uses is to relieve headache pain. This remedy is used by many people, and while scientific research has not verified this effect, many headache sufferers attest that the treatment actually works. Peppermint essential oil is placed on the temples

Peppermint Essential Oil Properties

Peppermint Essential OilPeppermint essential oil has many therapeutic properties benefitting virtually every part of the body. The oil has a very strong and sharp smell of menthol, and the color of the oil can range from clear to pale yellow. The viscosity of the oil is watery instead of thick, and when used undiluted on the skin or other tissues, it can cause irritation. Many peppermint oil uses originated centuries ago, and the anecdotal evidence for this home remedy is extensive.