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7 Things You Need to Know about Pituitary Gland Surgery

Pituitary Gland Surgery1. Modern Procedures Are Less Invasive

Pituitary gland surgery today is not the extensively invasive methods used in the past. Whether the surgery is for a pituitary cyst, tumor, or other problem, new techniques mean less invasive procedures and a faster recovery.

2. Sometimes Tumors May Recur After Surgery

Before you decide on pituitary gland surgery you need to understand that sometimes these growths may return after they have been surgically removed. This may mean further procedures later on, and the risks of recurrence should be discussed with your doctor or surgeon.

Pituitary Gland Problems: A Special Report

Pituitary Gland ProblemsPituitary gland problems affect many people across America every year, and these medical conditions can range from being mild with no symptoms all the way up to severe life threatening conditions that can be fatal if not treated. Your pituitary gland is responsible for the production and regulation of many hormones your body needs to function properly. One problem with this gland is a pituitary cyst, which can put pressure on the area and cause symptoms even though the mass is not cancerous or harmful in other areas of your body normally.

Pituitary Macroadenoma: Causes and Treatment

Pituitary MacroadenomaUnderstanding what a pituitary macroadenoma is, what causes this condition, and which treatments are effective can help you manage this problem. This condition is one of the pituitary gland problems, but the causes are still not completely known. There are some educated scientific guesses, but research has not been able to pin down a specific cause for this type of pituitary tumor.

The difference between a pituitary macroadenoma and a pituitary microadenoma is mainly the size of the tumor, as well as the effects that you may experience as a result.