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Hoodia Gordonii Cactus – Ultimate Weight Loss Solution Or Scam?

Hoodia Gordonii CactusIf you are looking for natural herbal weight loss remedies, you’ve no doubt heard of the latest craze: hoodia gordonii cactus. Hoodia gordonii is a spiny succulent that grows in the deserts of South Africa. For thousands of years, African bushmen have chewed the plant during long walking journeys in order to stave off hunger and thirst while maintaining their energy, and that’s how hoodia gordonii extract initially got its reputation for being an appetite suppressant.

Hoodia Gordonii Extract Benefits

Hoodia Gordonii ExtractHoodia gordonii extract is made from the spiny succulent hoodia gordonii plant that grows wild in South Africa. African bushmen have used the hoodia gordonii plant for thousands of years to stifle their appetites while on long walking treks, giving the hoodia gordonii cactus its reputation as a viable weight loss aid. In recent years, the use of hoodia gordonii in the Western world put the herbal supplement at the forefront of alternative medicine, making it a highly sought after herb.