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Red Clover Herb Uses in Herbal Medicine

Red Clover Herb UsesRed clover, a grazing plant that grows wild in fields and meadows, is also a popular supplement due to the many red clover herb uses. Red clover is packed full of useful vitamins and minerals and is also a rich source of estrogen-like isoflavones, giving it many specialized uses in the field of alternative medicine.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Red Clover Extract

Red Clover Extract1. Diabetes Help

Some individuals with type II diabetes may benefit from red clover extract. Although this herbal medicine did not show any influence on the diabetes itself, many of the common complications of diabetes such as arterial narrowing may be improved in some by taking this herb.

2. Increased Blood Circulation

Red clover, whether it is taken as an extract, a tincture, or in red clover tea, will help improve blood circulation and minimize problems due to poor circulation. This is also a common problem with diabetes, and this causes a number of applications each year.

Red Clover Extract Side Effects

Red Clover Extract Side EffectsRed clover extract< is used for a number of conditions, and although relatively safe for most people this herbal remedy can have some side effects that you should be aware of. Red clover extract side effects can range from slightly irritating all the way up to serious problems that can require medical attention. There are a number of different red clover herb uses, and these can include high cholesterol, PMS, infertility, and others. It is important to know however that this herbal medicine is not a good choice for everyone, and you should always check with a physician before starting any new treatment.