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Red Yeast Rice Extract – Where To Buy?

Red Yeast Rice ExtractAlthough red yeast rice extract is safe to take for cholesterol management when the dosing instructions are followed, not all brands are reliable. The large scale manufacturing of the red yeast rice supplement began after medical experts in China discovered that it had cholesterol lowering qualities.

Red Yeast Rice Side Effects – Are You At Risk?

Red Yeast Rice Side EffectsConflicting and inconclusive information on red yeast side effects has flooded the web, making it difficult for people interested in taking the supplement to come to an informed decision on its safety. In other words, some side effects have been medically verified while others appear to be isolated incidents.

Red Yeast Rice Benefits For Heart, Diabetes and Digestion

Red Yeast Rice BenefitsMost studies showing red yeast rice benefits reveal that this supplement is good for lowering cholesterol. It is a lesser known fact that red yeast rice exact is also excellent for the heart, digestive system and diabetes management. In many cases, diabetics are predisposed to having high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Cholesterol Medications Over The Counter Comparison

Cholesterol Medications Over The CounterThere are a lot of cholesterol medications over the counter that can help to improve your health. However, they are not always labeled as such. If you are not keen on more traditional options such as Zocor, Lipitor or Crestor, you need to know which statin alternatives are most effective.