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Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Benefits and Side Effects

Zinc Oxide SunscreenZinc oxide sunscreen is the go-to for people wanting to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. While this product is used in many industrial applications, it’s probably most well known for its use in UVA and UVB protection in the form of everything from common waterproof

Sun Protective Swimwear Review

Sun Protective SwimwearSun protective swimwear is becoming more popular as more people become aware of the damage that that sun can do to skin, and you will be able to find both adults and infant sunscreen clothing in a variety of styles, price ranges, and protection ratings. This clothing is intended to block up to 98% of the harmful rays that the sun produces, without the need for any waterproof sunscreen for sensitive skin or other sun protection products while swimming and enjoying the water. Even sunscreen which is waterproof does not stay on perfectly, and needs to be reapplied after a specific time spent in the water. This form where has the some protection built in instead.