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Top 10 Selenium Rich Foods

Selenium Rich FoodsFound in both soil and water and naturally occurring in many foods, selenium is a mineral that can be very important for certain body processes such as metabolism, and, it can also be useful for its antioxidant properties which can help keep out of control free radicals from damaging cells. There are some studies that have suggested that selenium might reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer and others that purport that it might be effective against various conditions such as dandruff and arthritis as well.

Top 10 Selenium Benefits

Selenium BenefitsSelenium is one of the essential trace elements needed by our body to perform several functions effectively. Food and supplements are the two selenium sources. Meats, whole grains, dairy products, eggs, sea food, Brazil nuts are rich in selenium. Over processing of selenium foods can virtually destroy selenium benefits and lead to selenium deficiency. In these cases, supplementation becomes necessary.