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Sickle Cell Anemia in Children Symptoms and Treatment

Sickle Cell Anemia In ChildrenBecause SCD is an inherited disease, the first signs of sickle cell anemia in children tend to manifest early on. In fact, recently released sickle cell anemia facts show that children with the disease had a much higher mortality rate 25 years ago when compared to today. Generally, the signs of sickle cell anemia in children are the same as those seen in adults.

Sickle Cell Anemia Facts and Statistics

Sickle Cell Anemia FactsMany major sickle cell anemia facts have been distorted or are not properly understood by the general public. The majority of sickle cell anemia causes are completely hereditary. In other words, there is really no way that that you avoid this illness, especially if you have a family history of it.