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Top 5 Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Aids1. Beltone Corus Hearing Aid

One of the most affordable hearing aids is the Beltone Corus if you want great quality at a mid range price. Priced much less than some of the other models out there, this hearing aid can help with high frequency hearing loss as well as other sources of partial deafness. This model is intended to be extremely small and stylish as well as functional, and the price is a steal when you consider all of the expenses that are included such as the fitting and testing.

Single Sided Deafness Causes and Treatment

Single Sided DeafnessSingle sided deafness or, unilateral deafness as it is also referred to, accounts for 60,000 new cases every year only in the United States. Unilateral hearing loss suddenly occurs in one ear only while the hearing in the other ear is perfectly normal. Single sided deafness has multiple causes in nature but very often the underlying condition remains unknown. Most often people start developing symptoms of hearing loss in one ear, ringing in the affected ear after a really bad case of viral or bacterial infection, head trauma or brain surgical interventions. The rarest causes of unilateral deafness are acoustic neuromas, tumors surrounding the acoustic nerve, or Meniere disease, an inner ear disorder.

Industrial Deafness – When Does It Occur and Why?

Industrial DeafnessIndustrial deafness is a noise induced hearing loss most commonly seem among workers at major industrial plants with its machinery producing high levels of noises like steel factories, stone cutting, transportation and agricultural plants. For some individuals only one exposure to the level of noise over 90 dB is enough to set off the irreversible process of hearing loss that can even become more progressive with repeat exposure. In addition, people who fire guns frequently like hunters, police officers and army combat troops almost always suffer a degree of industrial deafness.

Top 10 Causes of Inner Ear Damage

Inner Ear DamageThis article will review some of the possible causes that can contribute to inner ear damage:

1. The most common causes of inner ear damage especially in children are recurring ear infections. Fluid and pus often get accumulated inside the inner ear causing pressure and swelling of the delicate ear lining and sometimes symptoms of the hearing loss. What may start as a simple clogged ear case may lead to more serious consequences.