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Top 10 St John’s Wort Benefits

St John's Wort Benefits1. Depression Treatment- One of the scientifically proven St John’s Wort benefits is that this herb increases serotonin levels in the brain. This effect is the reason that the herb is commonly used to treat depression.

2. Anxiety Treatment-

St John’s Wort Depression Treatment

St John's Wort DepressionSt John’s Wort depression treatment is not just a home remedy. Many mental health and medical professionals also recommend this herb for treating depression. Millions of individuals across the globe use this herb for better mental health because offers a natural alternative to prescription drugs

St John’s Wort Dosage – What Is The Right Amount?

St John's Wort DosageWhat is the right St John’s Wort dosage? The answer depends on a patient’s tolerance for the herb and other factors such as age and body weight. A normal adult dose of this herb is 300 mg taken three times daily after a trial period. This is one of the best herbs for depression treatment

Top 10 St John’s Wort Side Effects

St John's Wort Side Effects1. Upset stomach. One of the most common St John’s Wort side effects is an upset stomach. This herb can cause some stomach distress, and this side effect can be troublesome but is not usually serious and goes away if the herb use is stopped.

2. Dizziness. There are many St John’s Wort benefits but also many possible side effects as well.