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Stem Cell Banking Cost – What Are You Paying For?

Stem Cell BankingMost people know that cord blood donation is neither easy nor cheap, but most have no idea how the total cost is calculated. In order to arrange stem cell banking, you will need to get in contact with providers several months in advance of your proposed donation. Additionally, you will need to tell hospital staff of your intentions so that the umbilical cord can be saved and properly preserved.

Leukemia Stem Cell Transplant Surgery and Recovery Review

Stem Cell TransplantIn the past decade, doctors have been discussing the potential merits of the stem cell transplant procedure. Bone marrow transplants show a lot of promise in the eradication of leukemia, however, each patient takes a huge risk while going under the knife. While leukemia is a disease that usually manifests during childhood, thousands of adults have also been diagnosed with this form of cancer.

Cord Blood Banking – Potential Life Saver or Marketing Trick?

Cord Blood BankingAdvertisements for cord blood banking can be found in the offices of just about every OB/GYN, but many parents still have pressing questions about this important medical decision. If you don’t plan to have more than one child, you may not benefit greatly from making a cord blood donation. Cord blood contains embryonic stem cells that can be used to treat genetic disorders.