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Top 10 Swine Flu Side Effects

Swine Flu Side EffectsSwine flu side effects have been known to lead to serious complication which is why the swine flu panic has caused so much concern over the past few years. Whether a cough, sore throat, weakness, body aches, or fever, the swine flu side effects include similar symptoms of other influenza. However, swine flu side effects can be more intensive which will lead to deeper, more life threatening issues causing hospitalization, and sometimes even death.

The following are the top ten swine flu side effects:

Incubation Period for Swine Flu – 5 Things to Remember

Incubation Period for Swine FluAlthough the exact incubation period for swine flu is unknown, it is speculated that swine flu symptoms will onset anywhere from one to seven days after exposure. However, this most likely can occur within the first four days, but could take as long as ten for symptoms to appear. With the wide day range included in the incubation period for swine flu, it is best to be watchful of flulike indications for at least ten days after contact with an infected individual.