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Discoid Lupus Treatment – What Is Effective?

Discoid Lupus TreatmentMost discoid lupus treatment methods consist of various prescription medications. Because lupus can cause other disorders such as high blood pressure to develop, there really isn’t any one set treatment method. There are many different medications that you can take, including immunosuppressants, anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids.

Top 10 Symptoms of Lupus

Symptoms of LupusBecause the symptoms of lupus are not the same in all patients, this is a notoriously difficult disease to diagnose. In some cases, mild symptoms like mouth sores and moderate pain can go on for years before testing for lupus is suggested by a doctor. However, most people are able to tell when something just isn’t right, health-wise. Here are the 10 most commonly occurring lupus symptoms.

Lupus Diet Recommendations – 10 Food That Reduce Inflammation!

Lupus DietMedical experts are not in complete agreement about what the lupus diet should include. Healthy eating habits should be followed, regardless of whether you have lupus or not. However, there are quite a few foods that can cause the symptoms of lupus to worsen, so they should not be eaten at all. These are the 10 best foods that people with lupus should eat.