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Infected Ingrown Toenail Home Remedies – What To Use?

Ingrown Toenail Home RemediesThe first thing that you need to know about ingrown toenail home remedies is that they will not work well for everyone. With that said, you have a fairly good chance at curing both an ingrown fingernail as well as a toenail by following this easy to implement tricks. If an anti-bacterial cream such as Neosporin doesn’t work, don’t fret.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery Aftercare – What To Do?

Ingrown Toenail SurgeryIf your toenail grows into your skin instead of growing over the top of it, you might need ingrown toenail surgery. An infected ingrown toenail is red, painful, swollen and may even have pus draining from it. Ingrown toenails are more common in people who have thick, curved nails and in older adults.