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Non Surgical Bunion Treatment – When Is It Recommended?

non surgical bunion treatmentWhen the bones or tissues around the base of the big toe become enlarged, it’s known as a bunion, and these tender toe terrors are thought to be caused by various types of questionable footwear, particularly the ill fitting sort or those that are pointy toed or oddly shaped.

Hammertoe Surgery Procedure Review

Hammertoe SurgeryHammertoe surgery may be required when the toe becomes stiff and bent downward in an almost claw like in appearance. If hammertoe is diagnosed and treated early, hammertoe surgery might be avoided. The second toe is most often affected by this condition. Wearing shoes that are too tight or too short can force the toe into an unnatural bent position. Over time, the tendons in the toe become shorter as they tighten.

7 Facts about Laser Bunion Surgery

Laser Bunion SurgeryLaser surgeries seem to be popular nowadays offering less invasive approaches to plastic surgery and other fields of medicine that take less time to heal and less chances of developing post surgery complications.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for laser bunion surgery due to modern laser technology focusing specifically on high water content soft tissues that laser can vaporize.

If you see a laser bunion surgery promotion, chances are it’s an advertising gimmick since the laser technology does not deal with bone correction.

Said that let’s shed light on facts you need to know about laser bunion surgery procedure:

10 Tips for Successful Bunion Surgery Recovery

Bunion Surgery RecoveryBunion surgery recovery normally takes between 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the surgical measures your surgeon had to implement in order to reposition your toe.

Let’s try to summarize bunion surgery recovery tips that will help you make the best of your bunionectomy surgery:

1. Do not attempt walking after bunion surgery too fast as it may interfere with proper bone and tissue healing. Bunion surgery recovery takes time and you can’t rush it.

Walking after Bunion Surgery – What to Do and What Not to Do?

Walking after Bunion SurgeryBunion surgery recovery takes anytime from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on how extensive your bones and soft tissues had to be corrected and how large your bunion was.

Walking after bunion surgery mainly depends on your surgeon’s recommendations, but generally, the larger the bunion, the longer it might take you to walk on your own.

With large bunions, orthopedic surgeon has to literally reposition your toe bone to straighten it that might require him to use screws and wires to hold the bone in place so it heals in a desirable position.

Bunion Surgery Complications – What To Watch Out For?

Bunion Surgery ComplicationsVarious bunion surgery complications occur in about 10% of all bunionectomy surgeries. It also helps for a patient to establish a good connection with the orthopedic surgeon to voice his concerns and have realistic expectations from the bunion or hammertoe surgery.

Most of the bunion surgery complications can be corrected with bunion revision surgery to accomplish decreased pain levels and toe deformity corrections.

The more extensive surgical work is done, the more chances are for developing bunion surgery complications like damage to the soft tissues and nerves that might subsequently lead to permanent toe numbness.