Tamoxifen Side Effects – Is This Drug Safe?

Tamoxifen Side EffectsEven if you have already to take this medication, you should still know what Tamoxifen side effects to expect. This life saving medication is credited with repressing certain types of breast cancer. Tamoxifen alternatives may be recommended if you are still of child bearing age as this drug has been shown to cause early menopause.

Although Tamoxifen side effects can be mildly irritating, this medication is one of the safer cancer treatment prescriptions around. Some users will experience Tamoxifen weight gain, especially if you already have a slow metabolism. More commonly, side effects such as chest pains accompanied by coughing, blurry vision, excessive sweating and elevated body temperature will occur while on Tamoxifen.

More serious Tamoxifen side effects include uterine cancer and skin lesions. All patients taking Tamoxifen will be closely monitored by their doctors, so there is little chance of either of these potential side effects becoming life threatening. In the event that uterine cancer develops after taking Tamoxifen, a full hysterectomy may be necessary.

Tamoxifen is currently the most popular treatment for early stages of mammary carcinoma. This prescription can also prove beneficial during later stages of breast cancer, depending on the type. The Tamoxifen breast cancer treatment is still currently being studied to see if any additional side effects exist. As of late, doctors have learned that side effects like joint pain and stiffness, hives, nausea and exhaustion can possibly occur in some patients on Tamoxifen.

Compared to other breast cancer drugs to use, Tamoxifen side effects are considered to be fairly mild. Patients that do not want to be prescribed Tamoxifen can opt to have a partial hysterectomy or removal of the ovaries. Another alternative to Tamoxifen is hormone based cancer treatment. Both of these treatments come with risks, which may or may not be worse than the side effects of Tamoxifen. After you have closely considered the risks, you can decide whether or not to take Tamoxifen. However, it is important that you make your choice quickly as breast cancer can progress very fast. If the side effects of this drug become too much for you to bear, you can always try an alternative therapy at another time.