Testosterone Levels in Men and Women

Testosterone Levels in MenAs men and women age they may be diagnosed with low testosterone levels in men and low estrogen levels in women. As most people are aware of, women have the option of taking an estrogen medication to help them regain some of the estrogen they lose. Low testosterone levels in men are one of the many side effects of aging. This can be a little more difficult for low testosterone levels in men.

Depending on your doctor, normal testosterone levels in men may differ. It is probably a good idea to get a second or even third opinion. Low testosterone levels in men can lead to erectile dysfunction, insomnia, memory loss, osteoporosis, lower sex drive and other problems. Men with low testosterone levels may want to discuss the possibility of androgen therapy or testosterone injections with their medical professional.

Androgen is the hormone that produces testosterone in men and women. Yes, even women have some testosterone, just much less than men.

After a man is past puberty, their testosterone levels begin to diminish. Because of this occasionally erectile dysfunction in young men is a possibility. Besides hormone replacement therapies, there may be other solutions that your doctor would consider. This is a decision that you and your doctor should make together.

Because testosterone levels in men lower as they age, many men will experience depression as a side effect. While the male may not realize this at first, this could be the reason for the famous “mid-life crisis” that most women dread. The best thing you can do is to be well informed and take what steps are necessary to restore the testosterone levels in men back to where they should be in order to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.