Thread Veins on Face Causes

Thread Veins on FaceAlthough spider veins are most common on the legs, these veins on the face are also possible. As thin as a hair may be, these reddish to purplish thread veins on face> are a noticeable nuisance that most tend seek out thread veins removal. Spider veins are most commonly affect women. However, men can acquire these thin, dilated blood vessels as well. Spider veins can surface to the skin in small or larger areas and appear as branches on a tree. Spider veins can be prevented from surfacing on the legs by wearing supportive stockings and keeping from getting overweight. As for the face, always using sun protection is strongly advised.

The causes of thread veins on face are not totally clear. Since women tend to be more prone to facial spider veins, it is thought that hormones play a role in these thread veins. In fact, hormone replacement therapy as well as pregnancy and oral birth control are thought to effect thread veins. Aside from hormones, thread veins on face is especially thought to be a genetic. In fact, this condition will run in families. Those with lighter skin complexion may notice thread veins on face after basking in the sunlight. With aging, delicate facial veins will turn into broken facial capillaries due to the lack of skin elasticity.

There are various treatments available for thread veins on face. Laser treatment has been used for over two decades with much success. Light is absorbed into the blood vessels which will disintegrate them. Pulsed light laser is a specialized type of laser treatment which is used in place of the hot and intense laser beam alternative. Spider vein cream has recently gained more popularity due to the high volume of cosmetic treatments for a more youthful appearance. One of the key ingredients on vein cream is the Vitamin K with is thought to repair veins and benefit other facial conditions such as bruising or rosacea. Depending on the brand of cream, other additives are included in this type of product such as various oils, horse chestnut, and more in order to eliminate facial spider veins.