Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Facts

Thrombosed HemorrhoidsThrombosed hemorrhoids are especially enlarged and clotted veins inside or outside the rectum, ranging in size from a pea to a golf ball in very extreme cases. The most common causes for the appearance of thrombosed hemorrhoids are excessive weight, pregnancy and constipation. Heavy weight lifters, pregnant, laboring women, people with sedentary lifestyles and prone to constipation are in the high risk group for developing internal and external hemorrhoids.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are extremely painful and might quickly turn to bleeding piles due to excessive pressure of the surrounding tissues on the veins. Some minor occurrences of thrombosed hemorrhoids might resolve on their own, while others will require medical attention.

Let’s review some of the most important facts on thrombosed hemorrhoids:

1. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are bluish and purplish in color due to blood flow restriction compared to a regular hemorrhoid that could appear red.

2. Most thrombosed hemorrhoids will resolve by themselves and only especially large ones will require medical attention in the next 48 hours to relieve unbearable pain and pressure.

3. In cases when thrombosed hemorrhoid drainage was performed, you can develop a protruding anal skin tag on the place where your swollen hemorrhoid used to be.

4. A conservative treatment for thrombosed hemorrhoids includes a combination of a numbing pain-killer medication that could be applied topically to the anal area and vasoconstrictors that will help shrink your swollen veins.

5. Hemorrhoid laser surgery is sometimes recommended as a non-invasive and very effective way to treat hemorrhoids.

6. Rubber band ligation procedure applied to thrombosed hemorrhoids will successfully cut off blood supply to the affected anal vein and shrink it.

7. The most drastic surgical approach to thrombosed hemorrhoids is hemorrhoidectomy. During this procedure all existing hemorrhoids are surgically removed and tissues stitched back together or partially left open in some cases. Due to really painful recovery, this method is reserved for the most extreme cases of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

In your search for the best hemorrhoid treatment, it is important to consider that only modifying your diet and changing your lifestyle habits will help bring relief to your hemorrhoids for good.