Thyroid Weight Gain Symptoms and Treatment

Thyroid Weight GainThyroid weight gain occurs for the same reasons as thyroid weight loss, and this reason is that your thyroid gland is not functioning properly and is producing the wrong amounts of hormones needed for a healthy metabolism. Sometimes this occurs because of damage to the gland, or growths including tumors and cysts which occur on the thyroid, but in some cases the cause lies with the pituitary gland, which does not supply enough of another hormone called TSH to properly stimulate the production of hormones from your thyroid gland. Some of the most common underactive thyroid symptoms include a weight gain that is unexplained, as well as fatigue, a feeling of weakness or lethargy, a loss of hair or hair that turns dry and coarse, muscle cramps, irritability, and an inability to tolerate cooler temperatures.

If you are experiencing a possible thyroid weight gain then the best place to start is your doctor. Before treatment can begin your physician will need to diagnose a thyroid problem, and determine the exact cause of this condition. For certain problems including thyroid cancer it may be necessary to undergo radioactive iodine therapy, and if too much of the thyroid tissue is damaged then supplements may become necessary. The specific cause of the thyroid weight gain will help determine the best possible treatment in each individual situation, and your doctor can help you explore all of the possible treatment options in your case.

One treatment for thyroid weight gain can include a specialized diet intended to meet all of your nutritional and calorie needs each day, while optimizing your thyroid function at the same time. Unlike a diet for hyperthyroidism, a diet intended for hypothyroidism will usually have a lower number of calories. In some situations medical treatments including radiation or traditional surgery may be needed, depending on the cause of your underactive thyroid. If the gland has been damaged then you may need to take supplemental thyroid hormones to keep your levels ideal. Thyroid weight gain can cause embarrassment and shame, but it is a medical problem and there are treatments available that can help you deal with, and even eliminate, any excess weight caused by a thyroid malfunction.