Toe Numbness Herbal Remedies

Toe NumbnessIf you are experiencing toe numbness there are some herbal remedies that can help. Whether the problem is caused by foot swelling, peripheral neuropathy, or something else there are several herbs which can help treat this symptom. Ginkgo Biloba is a very effective herb when it comes to this problem. It improves circulation through your entire body, and is thought to have cardiovascular benefits as well but there have not been enough scientific studies to verify this yet.

Numbness in your extremities, including toe numbness, is often a sign that there is a problem with circulation or with nerve impulses in this area. This is also one of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Garlic is another herb that may be helpful, and can be used in your daily diet. Cayenne is another choice for treating numbness in your fingers and toes. Ginger also offers benefits and can be a tasty addition to almost any meal.

Rosemary is another herb that may improve a numb big toe or other extremities. Thyme can also have healing properties and improve the circulation to your fingers and toes. Sage is another herb that is commonly used in cooking to improve feeling and circulation in the extremities. In addition to herbal remedies many people find that regular stretching can help with circulation and sensation, and may minimize or even eliminate toe numbness completely.

Toe numbness can be caused by many different things. Nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and other tissues could be involved, and using herbal remedies may help treat this problem effectively without requiring drugs. There are herbs which can improve poor circulation in feet, and herbal remedies which can help nerves communicate better. These treatments are usually much less expensive than traditional medical treatments, not to mention less invasive. That does not mean that they are any less effective for some people though, and they can provide relief without any side effects or extra costs involved.