Tonic Clonic Seizure Symptoms and Treatment

Tonic Clonic SeizureWhat is tonic clonic seizure and what treatments are available for this condition? A tonic clonic seizure occurs due to abnormal electrical impulses and activity which happen in the brain, and there are some symptoms which can help to diagnose this type of seizure. If you suffer from this condition you experience a muscle rigidity and stiffness, called the tonic phase. Once the tonic phase is finished then you will exhibit jerking motions which are rhythmic, and this is known as the clonic phase. With this type of seizure the entire brain is affected, and it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days to recover.

There are twenty three symptoms which are listed as signs of a tonic clonic seizure. This type of seizure is common with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and some other seizure disorders. The symptoms can include muscles which are stiff and rigid, clenching of the jaw or teeth, an increased heart rate, pupils which are dilated, and respiratory problems for short times during the seizure. Other tonic clonic seizure symptoms include a loss of control of the bowel or bladder, confusion or fatigue after the seizure has finished, and limb movements which are rhythmic and jerky.

Treatment for tonic clonic seizure can take a number of approaches. Following a ketogenic diet for seizures can be very effective at minimizing or even eliminating these seizures completely. This type is the best choice for most children, but may not work as well for adults because of the very restrictive nature of the diet. Unlike absence seizures in children, which may often go undetected and only lasts seconds, a tonic clonic episode may last minutes and is very apparent. There are a number of medications which can also help prevent seizures, the most popular being anticonvulsants. In some cases surgical treatment may be advised, in a method called Vagus nerve stimulation. The treatment chosen should be determined by the types of seizures experienced, as well as all of the other relevant factors.