Tonsil Stones Removal – DIY Method vs Surgical!

Tonsil Stones RemovalUsually showing few if any symptoms, tonsil stones are still a problem because they can cause some discomfort while swallowing and, worse yet, bad breath. Tonsil stones are visible and the appearance can mimic a tonsil infection.

If you elect to try at home tonsil stones removal, talk to your doctor first. It is important to get the full list of risks associated with a DIY treatment. Your physician may discuss other treatment options with you as well including multiple types of surgery to completely remove your tonsil stones and prevent chronic tonsillitis.

Since there is no “tool” made for tonsil crypt sweeping you will have to be slightly creative. Oral irrigators are a frequent choice, but one that has gentle, low pressure settings is critical so as not to damage throat tissue or aim in the wrong place and send your stone deeper into the crypt. Cotton swabs are also useful for removing tonsil stones but carry similar risks. In both cases, a gentle sweeping motion is used to coax the little nugget from its hiding place. This method of tonsil stones removal must be done very delicately and carefully as damage to the surrounding areas can result. A flashlight and a mirror are helpful tools when conducting at home tonsil stones removal and can minimize the risk of personal injury.

If you would rather not dissect your food chute yourself, a physician will have many suggestions on how to best treat your cryptic tonsils. He or she may discuss laser treatments with you where a laser is directed at the areas that hold the tonsil stones eliminating them and disabling them as carriers of crap. This 20 minute procedure is usually well tolerated and eliminates the woes associated with adult tonsillectomy recovery as it is worse than in children. If laser therapy is not an adequate form of tonsil stones removal for you however, a full tonsillectomy might be a better option.

Deciding between at home care and surgery is a decision you and your doctor will need to make. The effects of surgery obviously are permanent vs. home care which must be done regularly and frequently doesn’t do as effective of a job of relieving halitosis. A consultation with your health care provider will help determine which type of tonsil stones removal is best for you.