Top 10 ACL Rehab Exercises To Get Back On Track

ACL Rehab Exercises1. Range of Motion Exercises – Range of motion exercises may help torn ACL symptoms to get your knee back in good condition. These exercises will increase the ability of your knee to move without any pain or difficulty.

2. Hamstring Stretches – Hamstring stretches are one of the important ACL rehab exercises. You can modify this exercises according to your ability and comfort level, so it is a great one to start with.

3. Straight Leg Raises – Straight leg raises can help minimize or eliminate knee ligament pain, by stretching and strengthening your tissues and preventing future problems from occurring.

4. Heel Slides – One of the ACL rehab exercises that is simple and easy to do at any level is heel slides. Sit with your legs outstretched and then bend your injured knee while you slide your heel towards you.

5. Quadriceps Isometric Contractions – After patella surgery, quadriceps isometric contractions can be a very helpful exercise for rehabilitation. These contractions help strengthen your supporting tissues.

6. Calf Raises – ACL rehab exercises are used to strengthen and increase your muscles and ligaments, and calf raises can play an important role in this. This exercise is a great and non impact way to improve your movement and abilities.

7. Half Squats – Half squats are often used as ACL rehab exercises, for a number of reasons. These exercises stretch, strengthen, and build all at the same time.

8. Partial Lunges – Partial lunges can be an important exercise after knee manipulation or surgery. Stand with your feet a shoulder width apart, while holding onto an edge or stable surface. Step forward half a step, and then slowly bend your knees while lowering some. After holding this position for ten seconds slowly rise back up.

9. Heel Raises – Heel raises not only strengthen your knee muscles and ligaments but can also help with all your leg and calf tissues as well. Slowly rise onto your toes while holding an object for support. After holding for ten seconds slowly lower yourself back down.

10. Swimming – Swimming is one of the best ACL rehab exercises you can do. Swimming has no impact and does not force your recovering knee to bear weight during the exercise, yet will still stretch and strengthen your knee area.