Top 10 Alcohol Rehab Facilities in US

Alcohol Rehab FacilitiesReceiving treatment from the top alcohol rehab facilities is the best way to combat your drinking problem. Effects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are detrimental to the health in the long term. Alcohol related deaths are increasing now more than ever. For that matter, one of the concerning alcohol abuse facts is that alcohol is the No.1 reason for the death among teens. Hence, finding a solution to drinking problem is vital.

Here are the top 10 alcohol rehab facilities in US:

1. Seaside Executive Alcohol Rehab is located in seaside Palm beach, Florida. This center offers treatments that combine innovative methods of scientific therapy with holistic treatments.

2. Betty Ford Center is also one of the famous celebrity alcohol rehab centers.

3. The Cottages of the West Palm Beach in Florida, offer different rehab low cost affordable treatment packages that emphasize the connection between mind and body.

4. West Palm Beach is also the location to one of top in-patient alcohol rehab facilities, The Behavioral Health. This center can help you break your harmful patterns and counsels you in coping with stress in a healthy way.

5. Sierra Tucson ranks among the best hospitals in psychiatry and has an internationally renowned alcohol center located in Tucson, Arizona.

6. Malibu Horizon Rehab center located in California combines behavioral therapy with motivation therapy. They also offer top alcohol detox program and non-12 step program.

7. Hazelden has centers in Minnesota, Florida, New York, Oregon and Illinois. It is one of the top alcohol rehab facilities in the US.

8. Yakima, Washington is the home to ranch style rehab facility called Sundown M Ranch. Dr. Fred Montgomery who practices private psychiatry at the center, received three Outstanding Clinicians Awards in 2009.

9. Warm weathers and nature activities offered by Promises Treatment Center can be very therapeutic.

10. The Caron foundation in Pennsylvania is a popular rehab center for young adults.

Stressing on the importance of treatment are these scary drunk driving facts:
– 1 person dies every 48 minutes in alcohol-related accidents.
– 40% of all the car crashes are alcohol-related.