Top 10 Alkaline Diet Foods To Eat

Alkaline Diet FoodsSupporters of the high alkaline diet claim that by balancing the body’s PH levels, greater overall health can be achieved and chronic diseases can be prevented. While most of the claims surrounding an alkaline diet plan are unproven, there are some potential benefits to feasting on alkaline diet foods. Because the diet consists of mainly fresh fruits and vegetables and requires abstinence from refined foods and caffeine, weight loss can certainly be achieved via an alkaline diet menu. Additionally, people suffering from chronic kidney stones may find a reduction in recurrence of the painful urinary condition by adhering to alkaline diet foods. Before you get started however, you should talk to your health care provider to ensure that a restrictive diet containing alkaline diet foods only is safe for you, and also about proper supplementation of vital nutrients that are often absent in such a diet. Additionally, consider identifying foods that you enjoy that are also high alkaline foods. This will give you an opportunity to come up with some tasty meal ideas and new, interesting and fun ways to play with different alkaline diet recipes and allow you to create healthy and delicious meals. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 alkaline diet foods that you may want to consider on your new healthful adventure!

1. Lemons: You may be surprised to learn that this citrus fruit normally associated with a high acid content is an alkaline wonder. Add it to your water, dress up a salad or use it in tea to add tang and taste to your dishes.

2. Grapefruit: This popular breakfast item might make your lips pucker, but grapefruit is rated as a highly alkaline fruit. Avoid topping it with sugar however, that’s a big no no if you’re looking to adhere to an alkaline diet.

3. Asparagus: While you might not be popular in public restrooms, you will gain a whole lot of healthy benefits from feasting on spears of this green and odd looking vegetable.

4. Onions: Alkaline diet foods don’t get much more versatile than onions. Popular for adding flavor and texture to a variety of dishes and providing loads of essential nutrients, onions are nothing to cry about! Be careful though, breading and frying them is a diet violation.

5. Broccoli: You won’t be able to slather this top pick for alkaline diet foods in cheese, however broccoli is just as enjoyable cooked or raw and prepared in a variety of fashions.

6. Garlic: A fantastic gem that is great for adding loads of flavor to all sorts of dishes, garlic is also helpful if you find yourself with an inescapable vampire problem. Consider adding it to a healthy veggie stir fry or, add to lemon for a unique seasoning.

7. Olive Oil: What are you going to cook all of those tasty veggies in? Olive oil of course! Considering its many uses as a marinade, dressing base and sauté helper, olive oil can help you to magically combine ingredients to make delicious and mouthwatering meals.

8. Grapes: Arguably the most portable of all alkaline fruits, grapes are a no brainer. Useful in practical dishes like fruit salad, grapes are also a fantastic stand alone snack, perfect for people on the go or looking for an in between meal booster.

9. Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and it also is a high alkaline food. While you’ll likely miss out on popular apple toppers and dips, the endless variety of this tree grown fruit means that you’ll never get tired of good ‘ol apples.

10. Pears: Perfect in desserts and simply washed and in your hand, pears are a great fruit for snacking and even incorporating into interesting and unique salad creations!