Top 10 Amazing Grape Seed Oil Health Benefits

Grape Seed Oil Health BenefitsGrapes are staples in our everyday lives whether in the form of eating the whole fruit, enjoying a glass of wine or even using grape seed oil for skin. Because of its popularity in culinary fare, grape seed extract benefits don’t tend to get as much attention, but that doesn’t mean that grape seed oil uses don’t go far beyond the sauté pan. In fact, there are many grape seed oil health benefits, and most of them will surprise you, and some of them might even amaze you! Before you file your grape seed oil away in the pantry to await your use in the next recipe attempt, check out this list of the top 10 amazing grape seed oil health benefits that you need to know about!

1. High cholesterol: Some studies confirmed that grape seed oil may be useful in increasing the amount of good HDL cholesterol in the blood while also reducing the bad LDL type.

2. Lower Cancer Risk: Because of the antioxidants contained within, one hot topic on the horizon for grape seed oil health benefits is its role in cancer repelling.

3. Obesity prevention: Adipokine imbalance correction is thought to be linked to a reduction in obesity risk and at least one type of grape seed extract may contain the compounds that correct this imbalance.

4. Heart Disease: It’s been suggested that grape seed oil health benefits may include staving off heart disease in some people.

5. Constipation: Grape seed oil is used in many a cleansing and detoxification regimen, so it’s no wonder that it’s also thought to be able to relieve constipation.

6. High blood pressure: Research is still needed to solidify the link between blood pressure and grape seed oil, however there are claims that high blood pressure can be quelled with this stir fry staple.

7. Chronic fatigue syndrome: Chronic fatigue symptom is a bear in itself without the druthers of dealing with the management of this condition. Grape seed oil is thought to assist with CFS although how is still unknown.

8. Heavy menstrual bleeding: Ladies can benefit from grape see oil in the form of lighter and less difficult periods.

9. Canker sores: Perhaps its use in skin care is cause for the relation between canker sores and grape seed oil by some users, who claim that this glossy oil can be used for the common mouth sore.

10. Cough: Perhaps the lubricating nature of grape seed oil aids in its ability to soothe and calm a cough.

Regardless if you have elected to use grape seed oil in your cooking because of its high smoke point or its low saturated fat content, or if you have decided upon it for its many purported uses in skin care or health conditions, grape seed oil is a healthy cooking alternative that many provide body benefits inside and out.