Top 10 Amino Acids Benefits

Amino Acids Benefits1. Muscle Mass Increase- One of the top amino acids benefits, and the reason bodybuilders use supplements of these nutrients, is an increase in muscle mass. Muscle growth will not occur if the required amounts of protein and amino acids are not present.

2. Improved Hormone Levels- It is not possible for the body to produce the right amount of hormones if there are not enough of the needed amino acids. A diet rich in foods with amino acids will promote appropriate hormone levels.

3. Minimize Aging- One of the top l-arginine benefits is that this amino acid can help slow down the effects of aging.

4. Exercise Recovery- The many amino acids benefits include the ability to recover faster and more effectively after working out or exercising.

5. Optimal Metabolism- The amino acids help with metabolism, so that the ideal weight is achieved and maintained. One of the l-leucine benefits is weight loss for individuals who are overweight.

6. Protein Synthesis- One of the l-cysteine benefits is proper protein synthesis. If even one amino acid is missing from the equation or not present in the right amount, then protein synthesis will be affected.

7. Bone Growth- Bone growth is one of the top amino acids benefits. Bone growth will occur slower than normal or not at all if there is a deficiency of amino acids.

8. Burn Stored Body Fat- Fat burning is one of the l-carnitine benefits. Fat stored in the body can be metabolized when there is a sufficient amount of this amino acid in the body.

9. Improved Immune System- An increased immunity is one of the top amino acids benefits. These nutrients are responsible for the creation of antibodies, which fight off infections and other health threats.

10. Improved Mental Health- One of the top l-tyrosine benefits concerns mental health. This amino acid helps fight depression and improves alertness.