Top 10 Anti Aging Exercises

Anti Aging ExercisesThe fight to keep our young appearance continues even after the anti wrinkle creams, facial masks, and other methods of ridding our faces of wrinkles, sagging necks, and bags under the eyes. Your waistline and hips are not the only parts of the body to benefit from exercise. Anti aging exercises for the face are also suggested. Anti aging exercises consist of neck strengthening exercises, face lift exercises, and even facial toning exercises which include eyes, lips, forehead, and cheeks. Add an anti aging facial mask to that series of the facial workout, and years will be erased from your appearance.

The following are the top 10 anti aging exercises created for a healthy, younger glow:

1. Massage your temples with two of your fingers while looking up and down with the eyes in a synchronized movement

2. Lift the eye brows and stretch the lids while keeping your eyes closed. Keep in the same position a moment before repeating the exercise a couple of times.

3. Moving to anti aging exercises and the forehead, try frowning several times.

4. After lifting the eye brows to the max, bring them back down, and do it again a few more times.

5. Drag your eyebrows down to the eyes and repeat.

6. Smacking the lips over and over again will tone the lip line.

7. Blow inside and suck back out of a straw several times.

8. With your mouth closed, blow up your cheeks with air. Hold it a moment before deflating the air.

9. Believe it or not, one of the easiest of the anti aging exercises is to blow bubbles with a piece of bubble gum.

10. Form an O with your mouth while pulling the mouth down to the sides. The resistance will tell you the muscles in the neck are getting a workout.