Top 10 Apricot Health Benefits

apricot health benefitsApricots are often considered the forgotten fruit, and while trail masters and casual hikers have enjoyed dried apricots benefits in their bags of trail mix for many years, it’s not always a first choice for the everyday fruit snacker.

However, there are a tremendous amount of healthful benefits to be gained from this golden yellow-orange fruit that might have you reconsidering your selections in the produce section. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten apricot health benefits that you should consider before shunning this delectable fruit!

1. Vision: Packed with vitamin A, Apricot health benefits include helping to maintain good visual health which can help prevent the degradation of eyesight later in life by reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

2. Heart Health: High amounts of beta carotene help protect good cholesterol which can contribute to better overall cardiac health.

3. Fiber Source: Fiber is essential for healthy digestion, and apricot health benefits include a healthy dose of this friend of the colon. But, fiber plays another important role by preventing digestive disorders and diseases such as diverticulitis as well.

4. Vitamin C: Known as the immune system booster, apricot health benefits include the yellow orange fruit’s content of vitamin C which can help the body to stave off illnesses such as the common cold. Vitamin C plays other important roles within the body as well and is important to many biological functions.

5. Potassium: An essential for optimal health of muscles, having enough potassium is important to many body functions but is most noted for its use in the muscular system. Preventing cramps and muscle aches, having enough potassium is very important and thankfully apricot health benefits include providing a healthy dose of it.

6. Skin Health: Many products that line store shelves intended for use on the skin contain apricot oil which is not only a great moisturizer for its ability to soften and smooth the skin without leaving a greasy residue, it also improves the condition of the dermal layer and its texture as well by adding essential vitamins and minerals that the skin needs to stay healthy. In fact, apricot kernel oil benefits even may include being able to sooth eczema plagued skin.

7. Lower Cancer Risk: While there is a significant amount of controversy surrounding apricot seeds health benefits as a purported cure for cancer, there is much less question about the fact that beta carotene, found naturally in apricots, can help lower the risk of some types of cancer. While this doesn’t validate the claims that apricot kernels health benefits include cancer cure, it does lend some credibility to the claim that eating apricots might lessen the possibilities that cancer will develop.

8. Anemia Fighter: Containing copper and iron, apricot health benefits might be able to ward off anemia in some people who are deficient in these important minerals.

9. Weight Loss: Because apricots are not only a very filling food that can serve as a great in between meal snack to prevent indulgences, they also are very low in calories meaning that they are a guilt free, sweet treat. As such this golden fruit can serve as a healthy addition to a weight loss plan that includes a variety of fresh foods and exercise.

10. Antioxidants: Apricot health benefits include antioxidants, the free radical fighters that can prevent tissue and cell destruction.

Known for its velvety outside and sweet and delicious inside, apricots provide more than juice pleasing the palate. They are versatile and can be incorporated into a wide range of meals such as adding them to breakfast cereal, a salad a lunch or even baked into main dishes. And, don’t forget about baking an apricot pie, a sinfully tasting treat that still can provide body benefits!