Top 10 Artichoke Tea Benefits

Artichoke Tea BenefitsThe artichoke may be one of the strangest looking edibles around, and this flower bud, grown mostly in Europe, can be produced from seeds or root cuttings in areas that can tolerate its growth. Popularized in the 19th century in America, artichoke hearts have literally earned a place in our hearts. That’s not just because of their culinary uses as cholesterol lowering foods, but also for the medicinal benefit that is thought to be contained within the cynara scolymus, or, the artichoke. While the most common preparation of this delicious goodie is still in food applications, artichoke tea benefits are making the potable version of this culinary blossom. If you are not a fan of a gently boiled artichoke heart or merely want another way to experience this tasty treat, you may consider artichoke tea benefits instead and we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 artichoke benefits when taken in tea so you can see for yourself how you can benefit from this traditional vegetable.

  • Stimulate bile: Stimulating bile may not sound like something you want to do, but keeping this important organ in tip top shape is essential to good health. Use artichoke tea benefits like a swiffer for your liver.
  • Heartburn Relief: counteracting the effects of hot wings and salsa might be an additional use of artichoke tea.
  • IBS: Calming a colon that’s panicked is a particular specialty of the artichoke according to some.
  • Gallstone Prevention: Keeping problematic stones out of well functioning parts is a supposed consideration on the list of artichoke tea benefits.
  • Lowering blood sugar: No scientific evidence supports this data; however some believe that the artichoke can help lower blood sugar. However, considering that artichoke leaf extract is used as a flavor additive and as sweeteners, there seems to be some debate on this subject.
  • Anemia: A low level of iron can be reversed with a diet that includes artichoke tea, according to some.
  • Arthritis: Pain in joints is thought to be eased and soothed by artichoke tea.
  • Snakebites: It has been suggested that snakebites can be treated with various applications of the artichoke, although it’s advisable to head straight to the hospital if you find yourself tussling with a hazardous serpent.
  • Digestive ails: Nausea, gas and vomiting along with spasms are all thought to be alleviated with artichoke.
  • Fluid retention: While not considered a diuretic, some users claim that artichoke can help remove excess fluid from the body.

Whether any of the practical or even outlandish claims of artichoke fans are true or not, this plant’s offerings are a tremendously healthy part of any diet. Packed with folate and rich in phosphorus and other important vitamins and minerals, artichokes should be integrated into your lifestyle to aid in overall good health.