Top 10 Asthma Attack Treatment Options

Asthma Attack Treatment1. Breathing Exercises – Breathing exercises are a safe and usually effective asthma attack treatment, one that does not involve drugs or side effects. Breathing exercises for asthma must be learned and practiced regularly for them to work as well as possible in preventing an attack and symptoms.

2. Steroid Inhalers – Steroid inhalers can be very effective with brittle asthma and many other types of this condition. These inhalers reduce inflammation using corticosteroids that are inhaled into the airways, so you can breathe with less difficulty.

3. Chamomilla – Chamomilla is one of the many homeopathic asthma remedies which are popular, and which work for some people with this condition.

4. Coffee – A common home remedy for an asthma attack treatment is coffee, the stronger the better. While this may not work for a severe attack, often a cup of coffee may short circuit an asthma attack before it becomes full blown and the symptoms worsen.

5. Epinephrine – Epinephrine is a common key ingredient in asthma medications over the counter, and is frequently used to control asthma without requiring a prescription or office visit costs.

6. Theophylline – One popular asthma attack treatment is the drug Theophylline. This is one of the most common prescription medications used to treat asthma, and the drug works very effectively in most patients to open the airways,

7. Vick’s Vapor Rub – For some individuals with asthma Vick’s Vapor Rub may provide some relief. This product is rubbed on the entire chest area, and helps to loosen and relax the muscles and tissue around the airways so breathing is easier.

8. Acupuncture -Acupuncture is one of the natural asthma cures that provides relief for a large number of people. This method has been used for a very long time, and is both safe and effective in most cases.

9. Steam – Steam is a popular home remedy for an asthma attack treatment. Water can be boiled on the stove, with the person having asthma leaning over the steam rising from the pot. A hot shower may also be successful in lessening or eliminating the attack.

10. Herbal Remedies – There are some herbs which may work to treat asthma, and these may be safe in most situations. If you take any medications you should always check with a doctor or pharmacist before taking anything new for the first time. Although usually safe, some herbs may interact with some medications and cause problems.