Top 10 Behcet’s Disease Symptoms

Behcet's Disease SymptomsBehcet’s Disease, also known as Bechcet’s syndrome is an uncommon condition which causes the blood vessels to inflame in the body. When such blood vessel inflammation occurs, a patient will experience Behcet’s disease symptoms which are often mistaken for other illnesses. The cause of this disease is unknown. However, it can be related to an autoimmune disorder where the immune system will eliminate healthier cells within the body. Behcet’s disease may also be genetically and environmentally related, with a possible onset from either a bacterium or a virus. Behcet’s disease symptoms and severity vary from patient to patient.

The following are 10 Behcet’s disease symptoms:

1. The most common of the Behcet’s disease symptoms are mouth sores, such as an ulcer under the tongue, or lesions similar to canker sores. These lesions which evolve to painful ulcers heal within three weeks of time, but a reoccurrence is very likely.

2. The skin lesions from Behcet’s disease appear similar to acne. Reddish, protruding and painful nodules will be found most frequently on the lower legs.

3. Red and painful genital sores will develop on the scrotum or vulva of a patient with Behcet’s disease.

4. Eyes are also involved when suffering from Behcet’s disease by becoming painfully inflamed with blurry vision.

5. Behcet’s disease symptoms include swelling to various joints, especially the knees. Following a rheumatoid arthritis diet to ease the discomfort of this symptom is often suggested.

6. The risk of deep vein thrombosis is present due to the painful swelling and redness of arms as well as legs due to the inflammation of the larger arteries and veins. This also increases the risk of vessel blockage or aneurysms.

7. Abdominal pain accompanied by diarrhea or bleeding is another symptom of Behcet’s disease.

8. The nervous system may also be affected due to inflammation of the brain. As a result, a patient suffers from headaches, gait instability, fever, and even stroke.

9. Symptoms of hearing loss are also suffered with this disorder. Along with the balance and dizziness occurrences, tinnitus may also be experienced.

10. Chest problems including shortness of breath, wheezing, chest pain, and even coughing blood are also symptoms of Behcet’s disease.