Top 10 Benefits of Flaxseed Oil

Benefits of Flaxseed OilThe benefits of flaxseed oil stem directly from the fact that this essential fatty acid is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Normally found in only a few varieties of fish, these fatty acids are necessary for maintaining healthy skin, bones, organs and vision. Read the 10 biggest benefits of flaxseed oil in order to find out if this supplement is right for your needs.

1. Heart health and circulation – Taking flaxseed oil supplements will benefit your heart as well as your entire circulatory system. Those with a family history of heart disease are often advised to start taking these supplements well before the age of 50.

2. Burn fat – It may seem contrary to utilize a supplement that is made out of nothing but fat in order to lose weight, but it works. Flaxseeds work to help increase the metabolism while suppressing the appetite at the same time.

3. Hormone stabilization – Flaxseed oil and weight loss obviously go hand in hand, but hormones also play a major role when it comes to changes in metabolism.

4. Cholesterol – If you are still comparing flaxseed oil vs fish oil, you may want to take a look at the latest studies. Although fish oil has its benefits, flaxseeds have been shown to have more of an impact on blood lipids.

5. Cancer prevention – It is not possible to eliminate the chance of developing cancer by consuming flaxseeds, but it certainly can help. One of the most widely accepted benefits of flaxseed oil is the fact that it can slow and even stop certain types of cancers from growing.

6. Depression treatment – Depression is a mental condition that can occur for any number of reasons. You can receive the benefits of flaxseed oil that help to stabilize the mood by taking it in supplement form over a few months.

7. Better vision and eye health – If you suffer from dry eyes or blurry vision, note that flaxseed oil health benefits also relate to general eye health.

8. Menopause – Many women have sworn by the use of flaxseeds while going through various stages of menopause.

9. Blood pressure – If you have high blood pressure, you already know that there are certain foods that you need to avoid. With this supplement, you might be able to indulge a little without putting your health at risk.

10. Brain booster – Fatty acids help with brain development, which occurs from infancy until death.