Top 10 Benefits of Ginger Tea

Benefits of Ginger TeaThis article will uncover top 10 benefits of ginger tea and explain which health conditions could be improved by using this herb.

1. Gastric health benefits of ginger can address multiple digestive problems like poor digestion, bloating, gastric diseases and even colon cancer. Incredible benefits of ginger tea are drawn from amazing antibacterial properties of this root. Ginger root has demonstrated in multiple clinical studies to neutralize many gastrointestinal pathogens like E Coli, Candida, Salmonella and even Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

2. Morning sickness that is so widely spread in women in their first trimester could be alleviated by the benefits of ginger tea. Steep ½ inch of ginger roots in hot water and consume several times throughout the day to manage morning sickness and vomiting attacks. Motion sickness is another condition that could be relieved by taking ginger tea.

3. Incredible benefits of ginger tea can help improve quality of sperm and boost male’s fertility. According to some studies, men taking ginger on a regular basis had slightly increased sperm count and activity compared to data before trying ginger supplements.

4. Antioxidant benefits of ginger tea protect body from free radicals damaging effects and ward off many dangerous diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke and many more.

5. Cholesterol managing benefits of ginger tea have been known for a long time. Not only ginger benefits reduction of platelet stickiness, it also helps lower dangerous levels of bad cholesterol LDL and keep good cholesterol HDL levels high. Ginger compounds prevent bad cholesterol from being absorbed in the intestines and facilitate its removal from the body.

6. Ginger can reduce joint inflammation in osteoarthritis patients due to potent compounds that inhibit inflammatory action of enzymes and prostaglandins that result in significant pain and joint degeneration. Ginger can be taken orally and applied directly to joints in the form of oils, ointments and poultices.

7. Potent compounds found in ginger, paradol and gingerol, can successfully kill cancer cells, and prevent cancer spreading to other tissues and organs by inhibiting processes of tumor initiation and development.

8. Individuals who are at risk of developing Type II diabetes can greatly benefit from including freshly grated ginger in their diets. Gingerol compound of this potent root has been proven to increase insulin sensitivity and lower overall levels of blood sugars.

9. Ginger is your double protection against obesity – not only this root plant significantly raises body’s metabolic abilities; it can prevent some fats from being absorbed into the system.

10. Ginger is your incredible aid in preventing and treating colds, flu and all sorts of upper respiratory infections. Ginger tea will help thin sinus and throat mucus, help you cough up phlegm and reduce congestion. Ginger is both antiviral and antibacterial, so it’s virtually indispensable in helping you get relief from all types of upper respiratory maladies.

Ginger is generally considered safe but if taken in large quantities ginger side effects might come into effect. People prone to acid indigestion should not take ginger to avoid gas, bloating and gastrointestinal distress. In addition, ginger is one of blood thinning herbs, exercise caution in case you take anticoagulant medications to avoid potentially dangerous ginger side effects.