Top 10 Benefits of Giving Up Smoking

Benefits of Giving Up SmokingWhile there are numerous benefits of giving up smoking, some are so powerful that might stop smokers in their tracks and empower them to quit smoking for good. If you want to watch your children grow, graduate high school and college, later walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding and experience the joys of grand-parenthood, read on as we share our top 10 benefits of giving up smoking. Do not deprive yourself of the most precious moments of your life by taking in just another puff! There’s so much life out there behind the smoky curtain.

Sometimes being fully aware of the important benefits of giving up smoking and nicotine withdrawal timeline might help you make a determined decision to finally stop.

Top 10 benefits of giving up smoking are:

1. Reduce your chances of getting lung, throat, pancreas and stomach cancer. Visiting a lung cancer ward might be eye-opening for some chain smokers who were previously unable to quit.

2. Cut the likelihood of getting a heart attack of stroke in half.

3. Reduce your risk of inducing diabetes, a dangerous high blood sugar condition that can make you dependent on drugs for life and even can make you blind.

4. One of the benefits of giving up smoking is clear lungs, less sinus infections, less yellow mucus and green phlegm discharge that can make you constantly cough and wake up congested.

5. Smoking women after they quit can conceive and carry healthier babies to term as one of the greatest benefits of giving up smoking.

6. Smoking is not cool as being portrayed on the shiny magazine pages; smoking gives you hoarse voice, bad body odor, yellow teeth and fingers. You can get rid of all of these bad associations with cigarettes as benefits of giving up smoking.

7. Your family, friends and colleagues can greatly benefits from your smoking cessation as second hand smoke can be just as deadly to some people.

8. There are multiple social benefits of giving up smoking as non-smokers have more chances of being hired and land a job of their dreams, make better social and romantic contacts.

9. Psychological freedom is gained by giving up smoking as you do not feel constricted and stressed at work, on the airplane or in a public spot whether you have enough time to have a smoke. Smoking no longer controls your life.

10. There are numerous economical benefits of giving up smoking, just think how much money you can save to buy a new shiny vehicle, take your family on a sunny beach vacation or start savings for your child’s education.

There are a lot of innovative approaches to help you with your desire to quit like acupuncture to stop smoking that implements ancient oriental medicine knowledge to empower you and to reduce undesirable side effects of quitting smoking. Another very similar innovative method is laser treatment to stop smoking that uses low level cold laser to affect body’s energy meridians and help you kick the nicotine addiction.