Top 10 Benefits of Milk Thistle

Benefits of Milk ThistleDoes milk thistle work? This question is the first thing that comes to mind to every person considering milk thistle liver detox or any other milk thistle extract based herbal treatment program. Benefits of milk thistle have been known to humanity for over 2000 years especially to Europeans and Middle Easterners. Milk thistle tea was proven effective against alcohol induced liver toxicity or even to prevent liver damage resulting from bad mushroom poisoning.

Modern day medicine has conducted a number of studies focused on learning more about benefits of milk thistle. Below you will find top 10 conditions and diseases that could improve due to benefits of milk thistle.

1. Cirrhosis is a complex liver disease caused mostly by years of alcohol abuse and/or liver damage as a result of hepatitis B, C. Patients affected by this liver condition can receive considerable benefits from milk thistle that is shown to help repair liver cells and restore their function to some extent.

2. Chronic liver disease patients in Europe are given organic milk thistle preparations that were proven in clinical studies to support liver cells function and remove toxins from the body. In the US, FDA does not endorse milk thistle use for liver disease and more research is still needed.

3. Millions of acne sufferers can gain clear skin from benefits of milk thistle due to its blood cleansing abilities.

4. Amanita mushroom (Death Cap) poisoning in 50% cases leads to liver function failure as harmful toxins released by the mushroom overwhelm delicate liver cells. According to certain medical studies, benefits of milk thistle can help protect liver cells and promote toxin removal from the body if milk thistle treatment is initiated at first signs of mushroom poisoning. Milk thistle works by creating cell membranes shield against toxins being absorbed by the liver. The best and fastest way to administer milk thistle is via an injection since milk thistle compounds are poorly dissolved in the water and would not be as effective in milk thistle tea taken orally.

5. According to limited clinical studies, active compounds silymarin and silibinin found in milk thistle supplements can effectively cease the growth of certain cancer cells.

6. Type II diabetes milk thistle treatment combined with low glycemic diet and moderate exercise is shown to effectively control blood sugar levels within healthy norms.

7. Dyspepsia or simply indigestion can be alleviated with the help of milk thistle supplemental treatment. Milk thistle can stimulate bile production necessary for proper digestion and its mild laxative properties will help establish regular waste elimination pattern.

8. Benefits of milk thistle are not limited to improving liver and digestive functions, milk thistle can also help you fight high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing counts of good (HDL) cholesterol.

9. Toxic liver damage as a result of taking certain prescription medications for extended periods of time could be alleviated by milk thistle liver detox program. Milk thistle will rid liver of harmful element traces and help restore liver cell function.

10. Sufferers of seasonal, food and skin allergies have one thing in common, high levels of toxic accumulations in the liver triggering unusual immune system responses. Milk thistle liver detox will help you restore liver health and boost your immunity.

Milk thistle side effect could include mild indigestion, allergic reactions, joint pain and impotence. Milk thistle might also accelerate prescription drug excretion from your body, so talk to your doctor whether milk thistle extract is safe for you.