Top 10 Benefits of Stem Cell Research

Benefits of Stem Cell ResearchThere has been so much controversy in the past few years about the benefits of stem cell research or the lack of benefits of stem cell research. This is especially true when you are talking about embryonic stem cell research. It seems that everyone has an opinion on this subject. With the strides made in the medical community, these days there are more benefits of stem cell research than ever before.

Below is a list of the top 10 benefits of stem cell research:

1. Stem cells can be coaxed to produce a bio degradable organ or tissue.

2. There is a possibility of a reduction of tooth decay.

3. With continued research there will be more of a stem cell cancer treatment. This gives doctors the possibility of saving thousands of lives.

4. In some studies stem cells have been shown to help manage diabetes. One day there could be a stem cell diabetes cure. This is wonderful news for the millions that suffer from type I or type II diabetes.

5. There will be a stem cell treatment for heart disease.

6. Stem cell hair regrowth treatment. There has been some progress on for male pattern baldness on mice; hopefully the same will be true on humans in the near future.

7. With more research stem cells could help cure Parkinson’s disease.

8. With more research it may slow down the progression or stop Alzheimer’s altogether.

9. There will be a stem cell treatment for autism.

10. May help lessen the impact and damage caused by strokes.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With continued research everyone can see the benefits of stem cell research. Instead of trying to stop stem cell research, we need to put more of an effort into this research. In the long run many lives will be saved.