Top 10 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Board Certified Plastic SurgeonsThere are literally thousands of qualified board certified plastic surgeons all over the United States, and finding the best one for your potential surgery doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Check out our list of the top 10 board certified plastic surgeons in the country, based on user reviews.

1. Steven Wallach, MD: Many people believe that the best plastic surgeons practice in New York City, and this Doctor fits the bill. With 16 years industry experience and numerous professional achievements, Dr. Wallach is well respected, reviewed and rated.

2. David Shafer, MD: The Mommy Makeover Miracle worker has 12 years of cosmetic surgery experience, and ranks high on the list of top board certified plastic surgeons.

3. Vincent N. Nubowicz, MD: Looking for Atlanta plastic surgery procedures and don’t know where to start? With 29 years of industry experience, a consultation with this experienced Doctor is a great place to begin.

4. Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS: Looking for plastic surgery San Diego options? Start with someone who’s patients express gratitude for this doctor’s skills and talent.

5. Vivek Bansal, MD: Patients of this San Francisco plastic surgery staple claim that a personalized touch and responsiveness make experiences with this Doctor better than the rest.

6. Otto Joseph Placik, MD: Practicing in Chicago and offering free primary consultations, this doctor’s client base claims that personal touches, concern and compassion along with great results make him best among top Chicago board certified plastic surgeons.

7. Jeffrey E. Shreiber, MD: Great patient experiences and high level of patient care keep this Baltimore doctor high on the user ratings charts.

8. Brent Moelleken, MD: 17 years of experience and multiple professional affiliations make this Los Angeles based Doctor a high scorer on our top 10 list.

9. Scott E. Kasden, MD: With two decades of experience and reviews boasting his wonderful results, this Dallas doctor is the go to man in the Southwest.

10. David J. Levens, MD: What better place to recuperate from surgery than in sunny Palm Springs, Florida? This cosmetic veteran boasting 23 years in the industry purportedly is fluent in both new techniques and old fashioned manners.