Top 10 Bronchitis Natural Remedies

Bronchitis Natural RemediesBronchitis is the inflammation of the air passages leading to the lungs accompanied by abundant secretion of a mucous substance called phlegm, excessive coughing, chest pains and sometimes fever. Most cases of acute bronchitis are cause by a virus, so a conventional bronchitis antibiotics treatment of bronchial inflammation is virtually useless, as antibiotics can not kill a virus. Very few cases of bronchitis are caused by bacteria or fungus.

Bronchitis natural remedies have been used for centuries to treat persistent cough, chest congestion and other signs and symptoms of bronchitis.

Let’s revise the most well-known bronchitis natural remedies:

1. The most important step in keeping your bronchitis at bay is avoiding mucus stimulating foods during an acute bout of bronchitis like sugar, starches, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Enjoying a variety of raw fruits and vegetables is the best way to get better.

2. Running a humidifier during the day and at night will help keep your airways moisturized and ease symptoms of persistent cough.

3. Eucalyptus and pine tree essential oils are one of the best bronchitis natural remedies. Especially if you are coughing up yellow mucus add a couple of drops in a hot bath or in the shower area to stimulate phlegm expelling process from the lungs and bronchi.

4. Cayenne pepper is one of the most potent ways to stimulate blood circulation, clear up congestion and signs and symptoms of bronchitis. Add a smidge to cold salads or hot teas and soups to instantly make you feel better.

5. Hot tea is your answer if you are wondering how to stop coughing. Steep a couple of fresh ginger root and lemon slices, add about a teaspoon of dried thyme herb for 10-15 minutes, strain and sweeten with honey to taste. The combination of heat and healing herbal properties will help relieve spasms in bronchi and finally ease you into sleep.

6. Massage is one of the great bronchitis natural remedies as it helps break-up mucus and has strong expectorant properties, relieving congestion and speeding up the healing process.

7. Mustard plasters are long-forgotten but incredibly effective way to relieve your signs and symptoms of bronchitis by improving blood circulation in the lungs and bronchi to facilitate the healing process. Mix 1 tablespoon of dry ground mustard seed and 3 tablespoons of flour; add enough water to make a thick paste. Smear some olive oil on the chest to protect the skin, place some mustard paste in between 2 layers of cloth and apply to the chest area. Keep the mustard plaster on for a couple of hours for incredible bronchitis relief.

8. Plenty of fresh vegetable juices are proven to supply the body with vital elements for fighting infection. Try a combination of celery, carrot and broccoli juice with one clove of garlic.

9. Vitamins A, C and D are known for decreasing inflammation and helping you get better.

10. Reflexology is another one of the most effective bronchitis natural remedies that stimulates lung and bronchi activity.