Top 10 Bulimia Nervosa Facts

Bulimia Nervosa FactsMost people know that bulimia is an eating disorder. However, there are some important bulimia nervosa facts that you may be missing out on. All eating disorders are based on psychological issues revolving around body image and control, but even the sufferers have no idea why they do the things that they do. Here are 10 of the most important bulimia nervosa facts that every person should know, whether they are trying to get help for themselves or a loved one.

1. You can’t talk someone out of being bulimic – Trying logic, leveling threats or even laying a guilt trip on a bulimic probably won’t do much good. In fact, you may end up doing more harm than good, especially when you don’t take the time to listen.

2. Bulimia is a life threatening condition – For whatever reason, there are many people that think anorexia and bulimia are not equally dangerous eating disorders. While bulimics are not always underweight, constant binging and purging can put a huge strain on the internal organs.

3. Bulimics are difficult to spot – Bulimics make up a substantial portion of patients in eating disorder rehab facilities, but they can be difficult to identify in everyday life.

4. Bloating and yellow teeth aren’t the only signs of bulimia – You may have learned that some bulimia side effects include puffiness of the face and yellowed, rotting teeth, but these are only the most obvious signs. Bulimics are capable of hiding their illnesses to everyone in their lives; including themselves.

5. Bouts of binging and purging can be constant or infrequent – Some bulimics believe that they have learned how to stop binge eating for good only to relapse a short period later.

6. Not all binge eaters are young women – An increasing amount of men, children and older adults have been exhibiting bulimia nervosa symptoms.

7. Bulimics do not always purge – Modern research shows that many people still believe outdated bulimia nervosa facts that all bulimics are purging after acts of overeating. Although binging goes hand in hand with bulimia, sometimes excessive exercise can be used as a tool to lose weight instead of purging.

8. Bulimics usually rely on food based rituals – A lot of people like strange food combinations, but the majority of bulimics brings food rituals to a totally different level.

9. Many bulimics are later diagnosed with depression – Even after some bulimics get to their goal weight, they will never feel the same level of satisfaction as those who don’t have an eating disorder. This may be because a lot of people with bulimia also suffer from some form of depression.

10. Bulimia is a curable disease – There aren’t any medications that are prescribed to bulimics, but this disorder is still medically classified as a disease. Out of all of the different bulimia nervosa facts that are out there, this is the most important one that all people should recognize.