Top 10 Candida Diet Food List

Candida Diet Food ListCandidiasis treatment centers around the removal of overgrowth of this natural fungus from the body to remove toxins and increase overall health. Many women claim that this process is an effective cure for yeast infections. No matter what your purpose is, following this candida diet food list will ensure tasty supplements to your current diet plan, and can also lead you to creating crafty candida diet recipes to effortlessly remove this unusual fungus from your body. Check out this list of the top 10 candida diet food list must-eats!

1. Garlic: With its antifungal superpowers, this tasty seasoning can spice up any of your dishes. Use the cloves instead of the powder for maximum potency.

2. Onions: Antibacterial properties and more are found in this pantry staple that can be enjoyed cooked or raw and added to many gourmet meals.

3. Seaweed: This healing food is used in everything from sushi to supplements and is an easier addition than you might think to your fungus cleansing diet.

4. Almonds: The best of the candida diet snacks, they keep you full and are thought to have prebiotic properties and are a great option to potato chips and pork rinds.

5. Olive Oil: great for a sauté or a vinaigrette, olive oil is a purported anti fungal that is extremely versatile. Use it in homemade salad dressings with the next item on the list for a double dose!

6. Lemon Juice & Lime Juice: These citric wonders help the digestive system in its flushing duties and are very useful items on the candida diet food list, adding flavor and zing to many foods.

7. Cayenne Pepper: A digestive cleansing tool, this powdered spice can liven up any of your meals and help add flavor so you can avoid higher fat products.

8. Pumpkin Seeds: High in Omega 3’s, these seeds have anti-fungal properties and are a great snack. Enjoy them all year round instead of just when the ghosts come out.

9. Coconut oil: Known as the candida killer, this tropical tasty is a must have on the candida diet food list.

10. Ginger: Known for its detoxifying properties, ginger can add flavor to any dish.