Top 10 Causes of Inflamed Pancreas

Inflamed PancreasPancreas plays a vital role in the digestive system of the body by producing digestive enzymes and hormones necessary for processing foods so the body can absorb all the nutrients from it. Inflamed pancreas can manifest itself in two forms, acute and chronic.

An acute inflamed pancreas attack can be caused by a trauma episode or a gallstone blocking pancreas passages and preventing pancreatic juices from flowing freely. The gallstone blockage triggers inflammation of the pancreas and surrounding tissues that can even lead to a formation of a pancreatic pseudocyst.

Alcohol abuse and hereditary factors greatly contribute to a chronic form of inflamed pancreas. Patients with chronic inflamed pancreas have advanced scarring of the gland and pancreas passages and impaired ability to digest foods. Diet for chronic pancreatitis is a major component of all treatment strategies.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest of all cancers due to difficulty of diagnosing it and rapid cancer progress. Almost 80% of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are already in advanced state that makes finding treatment difficult.

Let’s summarize the Top 10 causes of inflamed pancreas:

1. Alcohol abuse is the number one cause for inflamed pancreas that disrupts proper work of this important organ with its vital enzymes necessary for proper food digestion.

2. Gallstones can entirely close off a pancreatic duct forcing digestive juices to start digesting pancreas and surrounding tissues.

3. Infectious diseases like mumps in rare cases can affect pancreas and cause its inflammation.

4. Some prescription drugs possess side effects that can impair pancreas’s function and cause inflamed pancreas.

5. High triglycerides levels in blood are major contributors to inflamed pancreas making it work in the overdrive mode to digest high levels of bad fats.

6. Hereditary factors make some patients prone to developing inflamed pancreas condition.

7. Congenital pancreas malformations account for a small percentage of all inflamed pancreas causes.

8. Pancreatic cancer spreads rather quickly and is one of the deadliest underlying causes of inflamed pancreas.

9. Certain autoimmune disorders cause body’s immune system to attack itself and affect major organs and systems in the body, including pancreas and gallbladder resulting in inflamed pancreas condition.

10. Abdominal trauma causes disruptions in production of pancreatic juices leading to inflamed pancreas causes.

Inflamed pancreas diet should be carefully tailored to each patient and include 5-6 small meals per day that will not overwhelm already affected pancreas. Pancreatitis diet plan will focus on fresh ingredients like whole grains, raw or steamed vegetables, lean sources of protein and low fat dairy products. Inflamed pancreas does not tolerate hot, cold or sour foods, alcoholic beverages, citrus foods, processed ingredients or fatty foods.