Top 10 Causes of Inner Ear Damage

Inner Ear DamageThis article will review some of the possible causes that can contribute to inner ear damage:

1. The most common causes of inner ear damage especially in children are recurring ear infections. Fluid and pus often get accumulated inside the inner ear causing pressure and swelling of the delicate ear lining and sometimes symptoms of the hearing loss. What may start as a simple clogged ear case may lead to more serious consequences.

2. Eustachian tubes malfunction due to anatomical malformations sometimes causes ear fluid build up and in turn recurring ear infections because the fluid can not be properly drained.

3. Otosclerosis is a hereditary disease that causes bone overgrowth inside the inner ear preventing proper sound transmission and can be surgically corrected.

4. Congenital defects of the inner ear structure also contribute to the inner ear damage, most of them, however, can be corrected with a combination of surgery and use of affordable hearing aids.

5. Both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors and cysts can cause inner ear damage that prevents proper conduction of the sound waves from the ear drum to the inner ear structure.

6. Age-related hearing deterioration can trigger symptoms of hearing loss and damage to the acoustic nerve endings.

7. Head traumas can cause significant inner ear damage and single sided deafness, when a person can not hear from one ear depending on which part of the brain was affected.

8. Noise is one of the largest contributing factor to inner ear damage caused by high-frequency sound waves irritating delicate acoustic nerve. A lot of people employed at large industrial factories, musicians, and simply people who like listening to loud music through ear plugs might experience full or partial hearing loss.

9. Viral infections like measles, meningitis or mumps can result in some hearing loss.

10. Certain autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis can manifest itself in inner ear damage.

If you suffered unfortunate inner ear damage, do not despair as there are a lot of affordable hearing aids available on the market today. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in a humid climate and sweat profusely, you might want to look into waterproof hearing aids that will provide you with some moisture protection. Unfortunately, completely waterproof hearing aids are not available because the sound still needs to enter the device somehow, but some manufacturers like Rion and Eurion might provide better water protection than others.