Top 10 Causes of Sleep Deprivation

Causes of Sleep DeprivationSleep deprivation is a condition when a person has trouble falling and staying asleep for prolonged periods of time necessary for our body to get proper rest and rejuvenation. There are multiple underlying causes of sleep deprivation varying in nature.

Let’s review the list of top 10 causes of sleep deprivation:

1. Daily stress of work or personal life can affect you physically and mentally making it impossible to relax and fall asleep for a long time.

2. Erratic work schedule or split shifts make it hard to establish a regular sleep pattern setting imbalance in your body’s natural biorhythms.

3. If you frequently travel overseas and change time zones, it can significantly contribute to your causes of sleep deprivation.

4. Excessive caffeine and alcohol intake can affect your causes of sleep deprivation making it hard to remain asleep and wake up refreshed.

5. Eating meals too close to bedtime may create a sense of fullness, heartburn and overall discomfort making it hard to fall asleep.

6. Exercising, watching action-packed movies or playing computer games in the evening can put your senses in the overdrive mode causing difficulty in sleeping.

7. Sleep deprivation can result from an adverse reaction to an over the counter or prescription medication. Talk to your doctor if he can prescribe an alternative medicine to address your medical condition.

8. Various medical conditions like arthritis, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease and many more can cause your sleep deprivation symptoms.

9. Pregnancy, especially the 3rd trimester, with its common ailments like leg cramps, frequent urges to urinate and a swollen belly can make a woman feel uncomfortable and wake her up several times during the night.

10. Serious sleep disorders may go unrecognized for many years causing your sleep deprivation condition.

Side effects of sleep deprivation should always be taken seriously as they can have devastating outcomes. Sleep deprivation can increase risk of accidents at home, work or during a commute affecting not only the sleep deprived individuals but people around them. Your inability to fall asleep at night significantly impairs your alertness and productivity during the day, making it difficult to function, create and learn. In addition, you might develop panic attacks while sleeping signaling about a major imbalance and stress effects on your life ultimately leading to such serious condition that is known as sleep deprivation depression.

Addressing the major root causes of seep deprivation can help you finally fall and stay asleep and get so much needed rest for whole body rejuvenation.