Top 10 Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Tooth DiscolorationThere are many reasons why the pearly whites take a downturn with tooth discoloration. Most causes of this condition can be prevented before tooth decay symptoms begin. Reverse tooth decay measures will play a role in tooth discoloration treatment if done before the staining evolves.

The following are 10 causes of tooth discoloration:

1. There are certain foods and drinks which are known to result in stained teeth. Examples of some would be coffee, soda, tea, wine, and various vegetables and fruits like potatoes and apples.

2. Whether chewing tobacco or smoking it, any tobacco product will add to tooth discoloration. Benefits of giving up smoking will provide reverse tooth decay.

3. Good dental hygiene is necessary for preventing tooth discoloration. If stain causing substances like various foods, drinks, and tobacco are not removed by adequate flossing and brushing, tooth discoloration will be an inevitable result.

4. There are various diseases as well as treatments for the diseases which will result in tooth discoloration. Some types of chemotherapy and radiation will discolor teeth. Enamel development in a baby will be compromised when an expectant mother experiences certain types of infections.

5. Some over the counter and prescriptive medications will discolor children’s teeth. This is true for children who’s teeth are still underdeveloped. Various antihistamines and antibiotics as well as high blood pressure medications will add to tooth discoloration.

6. Amalgam restorations, a product used by a dentist, can add a dismal grayish pigment to the teeth.

7. The outer enamel layer will eventually wear down as we age, leaving a yellow shade behind.

8. Due to genetic reasons, some individuals naturally have thicker teeth enamel and have a whiter, brighter smile than others.

9. Extreme fluoride use whether from water sources or dental products will be the cause of tooth discoloration.

10. Either a child or adult can develop tooth discoloration from a fall or any kind of trauma involving the dental area.